Angel Food Cake in honour of the Great British Bake Off.

Hello everyone,

So as you can see from the title of today’s blog, this week, I made Angel Cake, now this cake is a slightly different cake as it is uses egg whites only and not the yolks. It also has a different texture.  I have also joined together with a whole heap of other bloggers on twitter to each week (when we are able!) to make a blog about one of the recipes or at least our interpretation of one of the recipes that features on the show that week!

For me, when I discovered that one of the challenges was for Angel Food Cake, I just had to make that as Angel Food Cake has a very special place in memory for me, as my mum always makes it at Christmas time as our pudding because it is so light, she got the recipe from my Dad’s mother who always used to make it on special occasions, and it is one of our family’s all time favourites, so I still every year make the Angel Food Cake for Christmas Day desert, and as far as I am aware, so does my mum (in Australia) and my sister when she is able (in South Africa). The funny thing was, is that just as I found out that this was the challenge, I found out that my mum was making the same thing for Christmas in July (or August!) as she is visiting my sister in South Africa, before coming to stay with us (in just under a week! Excitement!). So it was really nice.

I took my cake into work yesterday for an office meeting and they were all very impressed with it and most of the ladies said, “as it’s so light, must mean less calories!”.

So, next week, it is bread week on the Great British Bake off, I will try to do a blog, but I must warn you that as my parents are visiting, it is probably unlikely that I will do anything, however, I have made a really nice bread recently on this blog, so you could try that if you want some inspiration!

I also thought I would share with you all the chickens were my eggs come from – I went to a bbq on a friends allotment on Sunday and they have chickens, so I got a dozen eggs from these very chickens, so they were nice and fresh! 🙂

Happy Chickens

Happy Chickens

Have a wonderful rest of your week and see you soon.

The recipe for my Angel Food Cake is below.

Angel Food Cake:

Cake Mixture:

  • 120g plain flour sifted 3 times.
  • 250g icing sugar sifted 3 times (You can use castor sugar and sift it same quantities)
  • 10 egg whites
  • 1/4 teaspoon salt
  • 1 teaspoon cream of tartar
  • 1 teaspoon vanilla essence
  • Zest of one lemon


  • Juice of one lemon
  • 300g icing sugar sifted


Preheat your oven to 160 Degrees C – no fan!

1. As stated above, sift the flour and icing sugar (separately – don’t make my mistake and do it together!) and set aside.

2. Separate the eggs and put the egg whites in your mixer bowl (or a large bowl and you can use a hand mixer), add the salt and cream of tartar and mix until stiff peaks are formed – something like this –


Stiff peaks

Stiff peaks

3. Next add 2 tablespoons of icing sugar (or caster sugar) to the mixture and continue mixing for 20 seconds, I found that by sprinkling the sugar over the top of the whole surface area helps, you can just as easily put it in one side and then beat. Repeat this process until all the icing sugar is incorporated into the egg whites. You should have a nice glossy meringue finish.

4. Now add the vanilla and lemon zest and then gently fold in to the mixture using figure of 8 movements you need to retain as much air as possible –

Vanilla and lemon zest added

Vanilla and lemon zest added

6. Once fully incorporated gently spoon the mixture into your tin. I bought an angel food cake tin especially for this as I do often make it and wanted one, so this was an excuse to order one off amazon. If you don’t have this type of tin, then you can use a bundt cake tin or you can even use a normal deep cake tin and just place a glass in the middle! You need to ensure that there is a whole in the middle however. So once your cake is in the cake tin, smooth it out slightly so its evenly distributed – something like this – DO NOT GREASE YOUR TIN, as it needs to be able to grip the sides of the tin whilst it is rising in the oven.5. Now add the sifted flour in 3 stages, ensuring it is incorporated fully  (otherwise you will get pockets of flour!) whilst still retaining the air in the mixture.

Ready for the oven!!

Ready for the oven!

7.  Bake in the centre of oven for 40 mins or until a skewer inserted in to the cake comes out clean (top tip – if you insert your skewer diagonally it gives a better indication!).

8. Once ready, remove from oven and immediately turn it upside down on the wire rack or your kitchen counter (do not do anything else to it, just flip it!) and leave to cool, it should hopefully once cool have come out of the tin from its own accord – gravity comes into play! If once it is totally cool and it hasn’t dropped down, then gently use a palette knife around the edges of the cake to release it.

Just out the tin

Just out the tin

Ready for icing/glaze

Ready for icing/glaze

9. Now you are ready to ice the cake. To make the icing, simply sift the icing sugar into a bowl and the add lemon juice (as much or as little as you like to get the right tang to it!) and mix together until you get a nice spreadable paste. Be careful of adding too much icing sugar as it may become watery. Then gently ice the cake with the glaze and voilà you have an Angel Food Cake looking something like this –

The iced cake

The iced cake

Side View

Side View

If you fancy a different type of topping, there are lots of different variations on the internet. And if you fancy making a chocolate version, simply substitute 30g of flour for 30g of a good quality cocoa powder.

Now just tuck in and enjoy – its light and delicious and dare I say it – heavenly! 😉

This is a picture of what I brought home after the meeting as my husband asked me nicely to save him a piece! 😉

Inside of the cake.

Inside of the cake.


I do hope you have enjoyed reading this and that next time you are looking for an inspiration for a cake, then you decide to make this as it really is something different!

Until next time, keep baking! 🙂





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